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Hi, I'm
Manuel Sainsily

UX/XR Design Lead @, Ex Haptics Researcher @, Ex XR Design Lead @, 3D Artist from Guadeloupe
"Healing the world with empathy."

 Start With Why


"People don't buy 'WHAT' you do, they buy 'WHY' you do it."
- Simon Sinek

I am a lead designer, researcher and teacher on the topics of User eXperience (UX), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Haptics and eXtended Reality (XR).
I was born in Guadeloupe, a Caribbean island in the French West Indies (F.W.I).

Currently UX/XR Design Lead @ Unity Technologies (based in Montreal, Canada), I use human-centred design to create products, services, and experiences that improve the lives of billions of people.

A little bit of background...


I have spent the last decade (and more) designing websites, apps, marketing campaigns, games, IoT devices, wearables, XR interfaces, and embodied communications through multisensory & immersive technologies.

Since, I have helped small & large businesses from various industries (entertainment, finance sector, public services, automotive and adult... to name a few) by leading agile teams and co-creating with multiple clients to design human-centred products that have changed the lives of millions of people.

A recent example is my Sr. UI/UX Consulting career @ IBM Corporation, where I had the opportunity to create and Lead the Canada XR Design Department. Aside from my main clients projects, I also physically & digitally (even more since COVID-19) spoke at conferences, grew communities, created courses, and conducted innovative & tailored workshops to train employees & partners.

 Case Studies & Side Projects

Case Studies

Here is a non-exhaustive list of projects I had the opportunity to lead or contribute to:


Haptic Technology


Case Study 1 - Immersion 5G Haptic Cuff

Punchcut and Immersion partnered to conceptualize and prototype the Haptic Cuff: the most advanced distance, human-touch experience.

The Haptic Cuff is a 5G-enabled device packed full of advanced haptic technology with high-fidelity vibration actuators, thermal elements, and a squeeze actuator.

The recording from the webinar Design for Multisensory Experiences that we did with Punchcut is now available here.
We covered design guidelines and case studies for voice, spatial, and tactile interaction, as applied to home assistants, the Spatial Web, wearables, and automotive.


Case Study 2 - Immersion Touchscreen Auto Console

Made with TDK's PowerHap Piezo and Immersion's Active Sensing Technology.

Haptic Technology made by Immersion creates touch feedback on touchscreens and other automotive surfaces.
Haptics adds interactive feedback making the user experience easier to use, intuitive and helpful.
This demo is built with Immersion's Active Sensing Technology and TDK's PowerHap Piezo Actuator.


Digital Transformations


Case Study 1 - Augmented Reality App

Telecomunications, Media & Entertainment - Augmented Reality - COX


Case Study 2 - Digital Transformation

Public Services - Digital Transformation & Design System - SAAQ


Case Study 3 - Native Mobile App

Banking & Financial Markets - Design System & AI - BDC

All use cases from IBM are under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
Please send a request to be able to access it.


Mobile App


Native Mobile App

Adult Industry - Native Mobile App - Mindgeek

Warning: Rest assured, there is absolutely no nudity or pornographic content. But this link may not be totally safe for work, as some of the app screenshots contain visuals that may not be appropriate in all circumstances.

The Lab

I'm constantly prototyping and working on new ideas, here are some of my side projects:


Explore Art


I’m in the middle of a long process of building an immersive (and interactive) world filled with various environments, diverse characters, and more importantly: engaging stories. I’m inspired by everything that I remember from my past and what I wish for our future. Influences vary between my Caribbean culture, the current climate crisis, my passion for themes such as futurism, biomimicry, and solar-punk… and of course my experience as a Designer who has been working for more than a decade on human-computer interactions, AR/VR, and haptics. I hope that my love for sci-fi, gaming and storytelling will transpire through this project as well.

I decided a year ago during the pandemic to delete all my social media accounts mainly as part of a research project focused on human behaviours. Now, I’m excited to come back and start sharing some of that work with the public. I intend to do so with a new mindset and framework aligned with my own boundaries and values around vulnerability and empathy. I hope that this inspires some of you. I have zero expectations, simply love for my art.

You can follow my work on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, and Dribbble under the username @ManuVision.
I also started a gallery on HicEtNunc (eco-friendly NFTs), which includes prototypes not available on any other platform.

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish."
- Steve Jobs


Recent events


Recent Certifications


Issued May 2020

Remote Facilitation

The Interaction Design Foundation

Issued Aug. 2019

How to Design for Augmented and Virtual Reality?


Issued Feb. 2019

iOS Design Foundation


Issued May. 2017

IBM Design Thinking Practitioner

The Interaction Design Foundation

Credential ID 65911

Certificate of Membership


Recent Podcasts

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Haptics Club

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XR Family

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The Johana Riquier Show

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Le Mwakast

 Human-Centred Design Methodology

A 3-Step Process

Humans are at the core of the reflexion, and the goal is to design from their perspective to find innovative, adaptive & unexpected solutions to meet their needs. It's a creative approach to problem solving.
Here is the simple 3-step process I follow during my ideation workshops:



Research & Empathise
•  Explore users journeys
•  Frame design challenge
•  Identify needs & biases
•  Validate assumptions



Diverge & Converge
•  Align on intent
•  Share inspiring stories
•  Brainstorm wild ideas
•  Co-create insights



Plan & Prototype
•  Define roadmap
•  Build partnerships
•  Implement feedback
•  Measure success

 Education & Work Experiences


2011 - 2013

Master of Science in Computer Sciences

Obtained @ SUPINFO Montreal (Canada).

2008 - 2011

Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences

Obtained @ SUPINFO Guadeloupe (France).

You can also access a list of all my certifications here.

 Recent Opportunities:

Feb. 2021 - Present

Unity Technologies

UX/XR Design Lead

Sep. 2019 - Jan. 2021


Sr. UI/UX Designer & Researcher, Specialized in XR & Haptics

Apr. 2017 - Aug. 2019


Sr. UI/UX Consultant & Canada XR Design Lead

You can download my full resume and explore the rest of my career here.


Cients & Partners

Here is a non-exhaustive list of clients, partners and companies I've had the opportunity to work with during the past decade. Access the testimonials page via the button below to browse all recommandations received from past collaborators, managers and people I've mentored.



Manuel Cruz

VP of Research & UX @ Immersion

Jamal Saboune

Sr. Manager Research & UX @ Immersion

Dave Birnbaum

Head of Design Strategy @ Immersion

 Get In Touch

The 3 best ways to contact me:

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